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Personally. Professionally. Consistently.
GEMBA, or we'll meet you on site. During the meeting, we define what we are looking to achieve and what improvements we could make. Together we fill in a "question sheet" - we will have a lot of questions - about your product, production processes, environment, staff, technology, etc. We take measurements, take pictures, have a coffee and go to work!
Based on the data we collect, your preferences and our many years of experience in the industry, we develop a technical offer tailored to your situation. We calculate how much it will cost and present what you will get out of the investment and how quickly it will pay for itself.
After the offer is approved, the future machine is designed using state-of-the-art 3D CAD Software. We break heads. Searching. We research. We choose and we put together the smartest technical solutions. We draw out part by part, assembly by assembly with great care. We make engineering calculations. We select the best components and technologies from around the world. We make sure that nothing is missed. We make sure it's exactly what you need. We do the Technical Documentation.
Manufacturing is carried out exactly according to the technical documentation. We choose our suppliers with care. We order all the necessary components, parts and materials. We cut. We bend. We weld. We grind. We turn. We mill. Paint. Inspect. Once all the components are ready and assembled in one place, the new machine is carefully assembled together. Part by part. Assembly by assembly. We check everything carefully. We carry out workshop tests. We make sure everything works. We clean and pack.
We deliver the new equipment to your site. We put them in place. Level. We connect it. We set it up. Test it. Test with product. Test everything again. We fix any imperfections. Train staff. Together we get to work and new equipment can start years of work for you!
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Dmitrijs Luhmirins
Mechanical design engineer
Graduated from Riga Technical University, Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering. Worked as a Mechanical Engineering Designer for more than 12 years - 5 of them in Bavaria, the heart of German mechanical engineering.
Contacts and details
Company name: aurocon SIA
VAT number: LV40203221526
Legal Address: 18 k-1 - 97 Jasmuižas Street, Riga, LV-1021
Workshop address: 5 Lejupes Street, Adazi, LV-2164

Bank: Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch
IBAN: LV24RIKO0002930277620

E-Mail: info@aurocon.tech
Phone: +371 261 92 100