Custom machinery

Design and manufacturing of non-standard equipment
We are a team of mechanical engineers.

We design, manufacture and deliver European-level equipment and machinery to help you:

  • Solve current production problems and inefficiencies, eliminate waste.
  • Automate manufacturing processes to eliminate human labour, or make it much easier where it is still used
  • Find the most efficient and smartest technical solutions..

Our strengths include machinery and equipment for automating the flow of products in the manufacturing process, such as:

  • Product conveying - belt, chain, auger, roller, scoop, conveyor and elevator.
  • Including flow dividing; merging; diverting.
  • For automated lifting; turning; rotating; dumping; accumulating; counting and grouping of products.
  • For the automated loading and unloading of products, e.g. into other machines; trolleys; containers, racking systems; boxes, packages, pallets, etc. Including Pick & Place systems, robot grippers, etc.

Each machine we supply is designed and manufactured to meet the specific technical requirements of the application, thereby ensuring 100% compatibility with your product, process needs and operating conditions.

To ensure that our customers are satisfied with the results, we stick rigidly to number of Golden Principles while designing and building our equipment, such as:

  • We make our equipment safe and friendly for the users and maintenance staff.
  • We ensure compliance with EU directives and guidelines on equipment safety and ergonomics.
  • We ensure that our equipment is rugged and stable - that it does not fail and is forgiving of operational and maintenance faults.
  • We adopt the latest technical advances and European trends in machine design.
  • We use only world-leading components and the highest quality materials.

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Dmitrijs Luhmirins
Mechanical design engineer
Graduated from Riga Technical University, Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering. Worked as a Mechanical Engineering Designer for more than 12 years - 5 of them in Bavaria, the heart of German mechanical engineering.
Contacts and details
Company name: aurocon SIA
VAT number: LV40203221526
Legal Address: 18 k-1 - 97 Jasmuižas Street, Riga, LV-1021
Workshop address: 5 Lejupes Street, Adazi, LV-2164

Bank: Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch
IBAN: LV24RIKO0002930277620

Phone: +371 261 92 100