A snapshot of completed projects

Conveyor system for custom pallets

The chain and roller conveyor system enables heavy pallets to be moved and accumulated.
Product direction is changed by a 90 degree transfer unit - a combination of roller and chain conveyor, where the chain conveyor is lifted by pneumatic pillows.
Simple, rugged and durable construction.

Conveyor for stockpiling workpieces

A two-level conveyor ensures that the material is accumulated and fed on demand to the system for further processing.

Conveyor equipment:
1. Lower roller conveyor for workpieces
2. Upper roller conveyor for workpieces
3. workpiece positioning station
4. workpiece positioning stops
5. Pneumatically driven stopper
6. Air preparation and valve unit

User benefits:
* Reduced operator time - the conveyor allows loading and stacking of workpieces for several hours at a time.
* Reduced downtime - The workpiece buffer allows the machining centre to maximise utilisation.
* Improved safety - the operator is further away from the processing area.

Palletising line for RUF briquettes

The line ensures a full palletising cycle of up to 12T/h or up to 10 cycles per minute.

The line consists of the following stages:
1. feeding and grouping of the product packages by 2
2. Pallet magazine for 15 pallets and automatic pallet infeed to the palletising station
3. palletising robot ABB IRB 460 equipped with a special gripper
4. Pallet feeding to the automatic pallet wrapper
5. Finished pallet buffer

User benefits:
* Palletising of product in automatic mode at speeds up to 12T/h without downtime
* The entire line is manned by a single operator who is completely free from physical work
* Empty pallets have to be fed by forklift truck once per hour (at maximum speed)
* Full pallets to be collected by forklift truck twice per hour (at maximum speed)

Planer infeed system

A set of machinery for feeding sawn timber to the planer at speeds up to 60 m/min - end to end.

A set of machines for feeding sawn timber to a planer at speeds up to 60 m/min - end to end.
The set consists of:
1. Package receiving conveyor - ensures safe placing of packages. One bale is always in the standby, ready to go. The conveyor is equipped with a Package Stop and Operator Platform.
2. Package Conveyor on Lifting Platform - Allows the operator to work at a comfortable height.
3. Board cross buffer conveyor - Provides a buffer of boards for continuous feeding.
4. Board feeder - Equipped with 4 electrically driven and pneumatically actuated rollers.

Palletising line for workpieces

The machine complex makes the palletising process faster, more convenient and more efficient.
The empty pallet magazine and feeder system can store up to 15 pallets and feed them to the palletising station automatically on demand.
While the palletising process remains manual, the palletising station is equipped with a lifting platform that allows the operator to work in a comfortable position - contributing to both higher performance and a healthier working environment.
A full pallet conveyor system ensures pallet removal and temporary storage.
By saving seconds in several operations, a significant economical effect is achieved.

Transport of wood chips

The combination of belt and scraper conveyor ensures a stable discharge of material from the production plant to the temporary storage bunker with a capacity of up to 30m3/h.
Compared to air transport, this system is much quieter and considerably more gentle on the material.
The scraper conveyor is modular and has an interchangeable material slide surface which will allow the system to be operated for many years.
The conveyor is equipped with an automatic chain tensioning system.
The conveyor is fully enclosed and has a service hatch for ease of servicing.

Palletising line for pellet bags

In cooperation with ABB, a new Robotic Wood Pellet Bag Palletising Line was installed in Ventspils in spring 2021 with a total line capacity of up to 12 bags per minute.
The new equipment allowed to double the capacity of the pellet production line and at the same time to reduce the number of operators in the palletising unit to one.
The equipment provides a complete product palletising cycle in automatic mode:
1. Empty pallet feeding;
2. Bag feeding;
3. palletisation by an ABB robot equipped with a bag gripper;
3. wrapping of full pallets with film;
4. removal and temporary storage of full pallets.

Planer infeed system

The equipment makes the planer operator's job much easier. Thanks to the conveyor equipped with a lifting platform, people can work at a comfortable height without bending their back.

2 packs of boards can be placed on the buffer conveyor, which also relieves the forklift

In this way, the customer not only improves working conditions, but also increases productivity and reduces downtime.

Palletising line for packages

In cooperation with ABB, equipment for palletising peat packages was installed. The new equipment frees people from physically demanding work and increases the productivity of the line.

Furnace loading mechanisation

The pyrolysis furnace loading device simplifies the loading/unloading process and reduces furnace downtime.

The operators' work has been made safe and humane - the appliance is operated by buttons and levers, without the need for a person to be in the danger zone!

Board infeed turntable

The Board infeed Turntable is designed for forklift loading of board packs. A set of equipment with an industrial robot ensures automatic feeding of the product for processing.

Automation of wood chip briquette loading

Automation of wood chip briquette loading frees people from physically demanding, monotonous work while increasing line productivity and reducing downtime.
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